MotaWord, Visual Designer Arıyor!



Here at MotaWord, we work hard to build the world’s fastest, lowest-cost, cloud-based and collaborative business translation platform. We provide translation service in 90 languages, 55 countries and through the work of over 19 thousand translators.
We allow our clients to order translation service through our award winning website, mobile apps, our solid API, multiple plug-ins and extensions and we want to grow that. As we want to optimize and further improve the visual experience of our solutions for our clients, vendors and developers in the translation ecosystem, we are looking for talented visual designers.

Our team designs MotaWord applications with modern tools, involves the team members in the process, stages its designs for the internal team before deploying into production and constantly improves them. We regularly publish marketing content such as blog articles, infographics and distribute them to a wide range of audiences.

We want you to join our team where we enjoy the freedom to innovate with a variety of technologies and approaches in a truly international entourage.

You will utilize your design and creative skills to design and maintain the most intuitive applications and content for our customers and translators. If you are a resourceful team player who does not shy away from taking responsibility in all stages of a company for a new venture, we want to meet you.

Our HQ is located in New York City, but we are wizards of remote-working also. We document everything, work systematically and hold impromptu meetings any time of the day to bring our teams closer to target.


Just send an e-mail introducing yourself to [email protected]

MotaWord, Visual Designer Arıyor!

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